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FirstClick Media is a creative agency specializing in social media marketing with a focus on content creation, digital strategy, and brand storytelling. Specialist in the hospitality & travel industry, we’ve worked successfully with brands to create a digital footprint for thier business.  FirstClick has a diverse portfolio including everything from family owned eateries to Napa wine bars to 5 star hotels. 
Our Services

We bring your brands story to life through photography, impactful content creation and social media marketing. Starting from the photoshoot, we want to make a digital footprint for your brand and business. 

Creative Consultation - If you feel your brand is stuck, we’ll implement fun yet trend-setting ideas to help you bring fresh life into your brand. We want to tackle this problem with you.

Marketing for Social Media - We'll take care of everything from content creation (photos, videos, stories) to posting and maintenance - all with the focus of growing your brand.

Content Creation - Developing photos, videos and stories that make an impact on your brand.

Photography - Special events, interior design, decor, menu items - we photograph it all in a style you can’t find anywhere else and with our new age mirrorless digital cameras.

- After we identify your goals, FirstClick will create the perfect advertising strategy for you across digital media. We will identify which platfrom are best for your business to help you grow!

Digital Marketing Campaigns - We undertake the complexity of creating a targeted digital campaign in a series of actions that help you achieve your company goals through carefully selected online marketing channels.

Our Mission Today 

At FirstClick Media, we believe social media is crucial in the food & travel industry. Our journey together is to ensure your business' social media is making a positive difference in how guests see and interact with your brand.

Our Work

We’ve already made a impact for restaurants by transferring digital impressions to actual revenue while building the brand’s story, reputation and image in the community.

How FirstClick Started 

After having worked at the world renowned culinary institute Le Cordon Bleu in Paris for the Restaurant Management program, Preeti Gill started developing photos, videos and assisting with menu development for her clients. She soon was managing the Instagram of a friends Colombian restaurant and that is how FirstClick was born!


FirstClick Media is based out of Union City, California with the capabilties to handle clients from all areas and also in Paris, France where it orginally started.

Client Testimonials

Les Foodies

Paris France

Modern European Asian



Paris, France

Wine & Food Pairing



Paris, France

Colombian Cuisine

We look forward to hearing from you and sincerely believe in collectively building a voice for your brand!

- Preeti Gill

Founder, CEO & Creative Director

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