The day I took you to Oktoberfest

OK, so a few week ago I arrived in Germany for a little family vacation. As soon as I got off the train station, all I saw were pretty girls dressed in dirndls which is a typical German dress from Southern Germany. Umm ok, first thought...what is going on? Oktoberfest is going on! I had always heard about this big party where everyone is dressed up in fluffy pastel dresses, drinking large mugs of overflowing beer in a loud music tent. Ok so, Oktoberfest is a BIG experience. Maybe too big for me. As soon as you walk into those large tents, it's live music, strangers dancing side by side on top of tables, oversized beer mugs, drunk lovers, girls twirling their skirts and food being passed around from table to table.  Let me be 100% honest, I'm happy I got a chance to experience this German tradition, really. But did I have more fun at the carnival that was happening outside? There was food and roller-coasters outside. Hell yes! Oh my gawd. I'm wired. Maybe it's because I've become a complete home body and all I needed was to say I went to Oktoberfest. So, I went. And it was the biggest party I've been to, but I was so happy to be home by midnight in my bed. I would def recommend experiencing this once in your life though because those Germans know how to turrrn up! Happy October and Welcome to the Party!