Qbic Hotel London!! Best Locations!

One of the best locations in all of London is definitely at Qbic Hotel London. This hotel is close some a the very popular Brick Lane which has some of he best Indian food you will find in all of London. Shoreditch is just a 15 min walk away! Enough about the location, this hotel is just so perfect for someone traveling alone or with a small group of friends. Very clean and creative little rooms which my favorite part. Delicious warm morning breakfast options and really helpful staff! As soon as I walked in they asked how they could help me plan my day in London!

I am honestly telling you this hotel is so fantastic, convenient, close to everything you need and the rooms will brighten up your trip with all the creative decor. GO!!!

Welcome to Citizen M London my friends!

On a recent trip to London, I collaborated with Citizen M London Bankside to take you inside their super cozy hotel. After numerous IG photos and non stop snaps during the stay, here is a little reminiscent photo post!

Now I know you might be thinking that I'm writing this nice post because Citizen M paid me but they didn't. I actually reached out to them because A) I love nice hotels and B) I wanted to find a hotel in the center of London and I had constantly heard about this place. So when I tell you that this literally is one of the best hotels I have stayed in, that is all so damn true. A hotel is like a home and as soon as you walk in, you either feel good or you don't. Here are top 5 of my favorite things about Citizen M:

1. You feel welcomed. The service! Holy moly! Literally everyone is just a look away to help you. They make you feel like anything you want you can have!

2. You know all the stuff that is stocked in the fridge that you have to pay for? Well it's all free here. Ummmazzing! You just open and take all the healthy juices and water you want. Come on, you love it.

3. The decor in the room and reception feels in between cozy and modern chic vibes. Everything is open, large, and comfortable

4. The bar here is one of the best parts. People from the town come to have food and drinks and it feels like a work place mixed in with young travelers. There is a large work area next to the bar to just hang out also. I rarely find this at most hotels anymore.

5. Location. Location. Location!! Bourgough Market is down the street. Enough said.

If you're headed to London center, become a Citizem M. Link up with them here!