11 Things To Do in Carmel California


Travel Diary ⁣⁣

Carmel By The Sea ⁣⁣


There is a calming energy that only the ocean brings me. This little picturesque beach town with a Mediterranean climate always rewards me with good vibes, breathtaking scenery and excellent restaurants. The town was founded in 1902 and quickly became famous for its artist colony. With its white sandy beaches and lush green grass, Carmel by the Sea is my all time favorite weekend getaway. Below is where you will find me recharging my mind and soul. ⁣⁣


Top Things To Do In Carmel⁣⁣

1. Champagne at Little Napoli ⁣⁣- "I designed the interior to reflect the look and feel of my grandparents' living room in Napoli with photographs, pictures and

Italian memorabilia on the walls and Italian music playing in the background," says Chef Pèpe. One of Carmel's most well-known restaurateurs. This restaurant feels like a family affair.

2. Food at Corkscrew Cafe ⁣⁣- In a gorgeous garden setting. The Corkscrew Café offers a California menu inspired by seasonal ingredients.

3. Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo⁣⁣ - Founded on June 3, 1770, this is my favorite Mission I have ever visited. The calming energy and the rustic design instantly make you feel at ease. Highly recommended to visit during your trip.

4. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve ⁣⁣- Considered the “crown jewel” of California's 280 state parks, is also home to plenty of wildlife and also offers plenty of activities such as sightseeing, photography, painting, picnicking, SCUBA diving, and jogging.

5. 17 Mile Drive & Pebble Beach ⁣- Get in your car and be ready for breathtaking coastal views. The 17-mile drive hugs the coastline and is the most scenic drive in Monterey County.

6. Carmel Bakery
⁣⁣- A great place to stock up for little snacks to take to beach!

7. Food at La Bicyclette ⁣⁣- European bistro sourcing fresh, local ingredients, open kitchen and excellent wood-fired oven pizza.

8. Brunch at Clint Eastwood’s Mission Ranch ⁣⁣- 22 acres of spectacular views of Point Lobos. Sheep grazing in the meadow. The patio is excellent for an outdoor glass of wine. Food and service come at a price but a very memorable experience to have.

9. Carmel Wine Walk
⁣⁣- An on-going self-paced, self-guided, dog and child-friendly, tour to 13 wine tasting! Well worth it.

10. Tor House
⁣⁣- An incredible stone cottage next to the beach. This is where you can learn more about Robinson Jeffers. A beautiful look into the poet's life and home.

11. Scenic Road Walkway ⁣⁣- This is a hiking trail in Carmel and the pathway makes for a great sunset walk. This is something I highly recommend towards the end of your trip to fully take in the nature vibes and energy of the sunset.