August 1 Five Modern Indian Cuisine in San Francisco


This is it! There is an incredible modern Indian restaurant in San Francisco and it's absolutely gorgeous food and a major flavorful culinary experience! Just like the bejeweled maharajah painted on the wall inside August 1 Five, this restaurant is a jewel itself to this city.

That first crisp sip of the Jaipur emerald cocktail to being so kindly greeted by all the staff, August 1 Five is a must if you love a good food adventure like me.

Why is it called August 1 Five? Because it's the date commemorating India’s independence from British rule and it seems the menu itself has its independence from traditional gastronomic expectations. You can expect seasonal small bites, specialty cocktails (I loved the Jaipur emerald.) and a beautiful marriage of the regional cuisines of India mixed with modern styles.

Our favorite starter was the Gol guppa, a common street food in India. Crispy shells stuffed with masala and potatoes with flavored waters like tamarind, mint-cilantro and mango that you pour into the little shells and pop in your mouth for an eruption of a crunch and flavor.

The magician behind these celebrated and artistic dishes is chef Manish Tyagi.. I always find my food tastes better when the chef has taken the time to see his guests and explain his creations if he can. Chef Tiyagi was so kind and humble and brought us over one of the best dishes I have ever had! The lamb chop with pistachio dust, roasted carrot puree, beet jelly and broccolini. Each bite was tender, simple and memorable.

Still reading? Well then I guess you might be headed to August 1 Five soon. Let me share some of the items I tried and highly recommend for your visit:

The chili truffle chicken kebab with cheddar cheese, summer truffle, pink peppercorn.
The masala & pea naan, tomato & cheese naan, multi grain paratha .
And the award winning spinach and cheddar paneer with white cheddar, fenugreek, tomato, cashew.

This was truly a diverse culinary experience of flavors, textures, and colors in modern Indian cuisine. A true voyage into contemporary Indian food.

Listening to what other people thought and how their experience was is always so fascinating to me. So if you have anything you want to share with me, you can always send me a message on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube .

Book that trip, eat something new. Keep growing and stay inspired Little Life Table family! #LittleLifeTable