Peruvian-inspired Cuisine in Paris

Oh hey! If you have come this far and are reading this, well you really do love food and restaurants as much as me. Which is why I hope this post brings you some value if you are thinking about trying Peruvian food in Paris.

Peruvian cuisine: In Paris you have the range between the fancy and well known Manko (by chef Gastón Acuri) and you also have El Chalan, a friendly, family run and humble restaurant. But now add Inka (inside the 1K Hotel) to the list because not only is the space trendy, beautifully designed, yarn coverings on the wall, bright colors inspired by Peru, lush green plants and high rise ceilings, but the most important, this place is just as much a feast for your eyes as it will be for your appetite.

Newly arrived Chef Juan Carlos Recamier is making big changes here with his adventurous new fresh menu. What you can expect is:

- Tartare of Nikkei Beef (wow)

- Shrimp El Puerto Ceviche

- Succulent Duck with Peruvian Flavors

- Arroz Con Poulpe

- Traditional Nikkei (this ceviche is the result of the fusion between Peru and Japanese cuisines.)

Be prepared to really taste the fresh fish, swimming in a tangy mix of lime, peppers, red onions, and cilantro. If there’s one item you will order from the fish section, make it the El Puerto.

I sincerely left the meal feeling THAT feeling. You all know THAT feeling. When you have just eaten some satisfying, flavorful, fresh food without feeling like you wasted your money or need to take a nap but rather you are more energized because it was a little culinary voyage of colors and taste that are still flirting with your tastebuds long after the meal.