My Latest Food Trip To London

London is one of the most vibrant cities I have visited. Each time I go, I secretly wish I knew how to find a way to live there. Until then, I keep visiting with a short train ride from Paris and always go to some of my favorite places below.

  1. Soft Serve Society Shoreditch. With an exciting selection of toppings to choose premium soft serve ice cream flavours.

  2. Butchies Buttermilk Chicken Shoreditch. This tiny place serves moist & crispy mouthwatering burgers.

  3. Ace Hotel Shoreditch. One of my most recommended places in Shoreditch to work, drink and stay the night!

  4. Boxpark Shoreditch. A old shipping container which has now turned into a excellent street food and bar hangout.

  5. Dishroom Shoreditch. One of the ultimate Indian food houses and excellent ambiance in London.

  6. Tuk Tuk Shoreditch. Nice happy hour and hole in the wall type of bar. Also, they do great pop ups time to time!

  7. Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street Kitchen. Modern European food in a New York loft ambiance.

  8. South Bank walk. Excellent to grab a little drink, take a walk and grab some great snaps of the city.

  9. Shake Shack Burger. The all American fast casual restaurant chain has taken over Convent Garden.

  10. Tower Bridge. Grab a drink and people watch. Excellent location is on the grass close to the entrance of bridge.

  11. Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea. For some terrific Indian food out of the city (just a bit) and near the Riverwalk.

  12. Riverwalk Market Battersea. A charming open food market with live music, drinks and open seating area!