The Interior Design Inside Le Comptoir Général Paris

Yes, you and I both agree that good food and excellent customer service is crucial for a restaurant, but the interior blueprint and ambiance is just as important I feel. And a space like Le Comptoir General located in the popular 11eme district of Paris does it like no one else. This place is a cafe, a museum, a restaurant and a space that celebrates African French culture through music, fashion, food, dance and film. Though the space is divided into 5 different parts (even a little library), the heart lives in the ground floor which turns into a night lounge after sunset hours. Spinning disco balls, lush green plants, red carpets, live music, dim lit corridors, old wooded tables, yellow accent walls contrast painted brickwork, exposed piping rooftops and cracked concrete. The design of this place is disruptive in all the good ways. The best feeling to describe how I feel when I am sipping a pina colada or a strong 6 euro ti punch on a Sunday evening is...well, like I am on vacation in some exotic island. Just glance up and you feel like you are in a well equipped jungle. A jungle with a mini aquarium bar. A jungle where the tone of the music and vibes are just right for your weekend getaway from Paris. When I think about just how much goes into the design of the modern restaurant interior, I gain a whole new appreciation for these wondrously designed interior spaces.