Game of Thrones or Provins, France?

Provins (also a UNESCO world heritage site) is a gorgeous medieval city in North Central France, just a few hours outside of Paris. Actually, I had never even heard of it before and the first time a friend asked me to go I thought he meant Provence. Woops! This little tiny city is filled with small crepe and cider houses, old libraries, open brick buildings, and tall dungeon like castles in the sky. You can easily spend a nice sunny day here, walking around the grounds, reading a good book in the central square or take a horse ride around the city. One of the reasons I love living in Paris is because just a few hours away, we have such hidden and magical treasures.

A fun fact I learned about Provins: Rose cultivation is a symbol of this city. It produces many different kinds of foods from roses, some of the specialties being rose petal jam, honey and rose candy. Yummy!

Best place to stay in Provins: Le Cesar Hotel
Best way to get from Paris to Provins: Direct train or car

Must try: Crepes at any one of the local restaurants

à bientôt!