Instagram Lately around the 7th arrondissement

It's been a cold week here in Paris which has landed me sick in bed. I haven't left my bed since Monday and am already starting to feel all sorts of crazy. Help me?! But I still managed to share some Paris snaps up on my blog for you guys! Last weekend started off with coffee and cake with my girls at Mamie Gateaux. This is a super cute and charming cafe and a purrfect place to snuggle when the rain is pouring. It feels like a bunch of grandmothers have been in the kitchen cooking all morning. Pies, cakes, teas, and jams! After tea at MG, I took a walk around the beautiful 7th arrondissement which I love love love. So much to see in this neighborhood like La Grande Epicerie. I walked around for almost an hour glancing at the perfect food isles and the mini international food court where all the chefs are cooking. The 7eme is a real must if you're in Paris. It's a treat for your eyes and appetite. Come join my daily snaps on Instagram @ preetigills for more Paris finds. ร  bientรดt!