Inside a Supper Club with Pink Lady in Paris

Le Table Ronde Supper Club in Paris, where you walk into a cozy kitchen surround by a large round table and excitingly watch the Chef become a magician. Cooking events are the best events. Umm yummm, mainly because there is food involved YES but there is something so damn therapeutic about cooking, and chopping, and dressing, and creating dishes that are made to satisfy someone else. I wish I was a good Chef, but I'm just a eater. This was one of the funnest little events I've been to in Paris and it's all thanks to Pink Lady Apples who invited me along for the fun evening. Every meal was made with apples. Apple starters, nibbles, entree, main course and dessert. Impressive how creative the Chef can be with just one ingredient. We started with hot cider with cannelle and bourbon (delicious and strong, yass!), caramel apple with foie gras, saint jacques rotie, risotto brunoise de Pink Lady, and ended with a warm apple cake and sorbet. Thank god I work at a cooking school, or else I would have no idea what some of these culinary terms mean. For example, brunoise means very little cubes of vegetables (normally) or any type of food. Enjoy the delicious snaps my friends!