In the apple fields. The simple life with my aunt and uncle. Warmbronn, Germany.

Growing up in New Delhi, then moving to Northern California, and now living in Paris has most definitely prepared me for one thing - the city life. And I do love the fast city life. I do. But yo, Germany, you're like a disney movie. I feel like I've been zapped into a "perfect" little world. A world I'm flirting with because it could easily be a future I desire. In the village, it's like a fairy-tail from where people bake goods for their neighbors, go picking apples in the fruit fields, and simply live as close as they can to nature. Nothing is as perfect as it seems, we know, but this get's so close. I don't know this life. I'm not use to that. I'm use to people on the Paris metro getting mad at me because I was staring at them or accidentally bummed into them. Those metro interactions have never bothered me, but now that I've been in this village for a few days, I can't help but think what a good life it is. A simple life. Even if it is only from the outside, I'm totally OK pretending that I've got another week living and frolicking in a disney movie, All the photos in this post are from a village called Warmbrunn except Rapunzels castles (Stuttgart). A walk in the forest and red apples everywhere. Enjoy this!