Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

Fancy? I'm not fancy. I want to be fancy, but I ain't fancy. When it really comes down to it, I like simplicity in my life. So when I went to Shangri-La for a lunch event, it was nothing close to simple. I don't often share these types of events, but this was too pretty not to share. Crystal clear champagne flutes, extravagant interior designs, shiny smiles, fresh roses and "More champagne mademoiselle?" all around. Umm, hi yes please! Oh Paris, there are so many moments I hate you and so many moments you take my breath away and at this lunch you captivated me, again.

On the Menu

Champagne, wine, gougère, friends, love, soft boiled egg in truffle sauce, creamy mini desserts...

Bon Appetit my friends!