10 Questions with Food Network star Rick Matharu

Food Network star. Culinarian. Dreamer. Achiever. And Canadain! Rick's Good Eats Ya'll.

What is Rick's Good Eats?
It's my take on what I find to be great food in the cities and places I travel. Learning about different cultures and their food. (also offering a fusion twist on foods that people may or may not be familiar with)

How did you end up on the show Recipes to Riches?
I always wanted to be on the food network, have my own show, my food products in the grocery stores. One night I saw a promo for season one of RTR and  instantly I thought, why am I not on this show?! How did I not hear about this?! I told myself that when season 2 was going to start casting, I was going to enter and I did. A week later I got a call from the producers to be on the show. I really felt like it was a calling. Winning the show was incredible. It made those dreams I had come true and I learned a lot in that year.

Your first job ever?
I was 15 and it lasted 1 hour. I was selling plants and tress. Not those kind of tress. I had to load soil bags into peoples trucks. I couldn't move my arms anymore at the end from all the lifting. I got 20 bucks, went home, and found another job at a grocery store.

Ok random question time...last time you cried?
Probably sometime in the last 4 months.

Did you have a dream for yourself in your 20's that you didn't pursue?
Nothing intense but at 25 I remember I was really thinking of pursuing being a chef. I checked out 4 different schools. I wish I had followed my inner dream. I remember that inner voice I had when I was getting ready to drop the deposit for school. For some reason I didn't do it.

The biggest challenge you've faced in your life?
Overcoming not listening to others. What I mean by that is when I was in my 20's I wanted to start my own thing, be a chef, start a business, but I had some people tell me it wasn't a good idea. I've overcome that now. I know I have to listen to me. Doing what I want to do. Living.

Your blessing in disguise?
By 23 I had already worked a lot in various companies and my own business. I felt comfortable financially by that age and after I think what happened was I got kind of lazy. I was still working full time but I wasn't really doing what I wanted or looking for it. I found jobs in sales and stuff but it wasn't nourishing me. Finally one day I just got sick of doing these jobs and not loving them. Best thing to ever happen to me was getting laid off at 29. I promised myself I would now start working long hours for myself and pursue my passion of being an entrepreneur.

When did you start cooking?
At 19. The kitchen felt like my sanctuary. The more I reflect on my life, I realize that throughout the years, cooking helped me a lot.

What do you feel most thankful about?
Finding my inner voice. It's not easy or hard to follow, it's the process of finding it.

Best advice you ever got?
Just be you.