In the kitchen: World Cup worthy pizza

A Poem for you World cup

When I eat hummus, Greece I think of you
When someone even mentions tortillas, Mexico you quickly come to mind
Ripe juicy tomatoes, I'll find you in Italy
Red & Yellow bell peppers, oh just like the flag of Spain
Cilantro and Avocados, you wear the colors of Brazil. You wear it well
And my dear USA, you are the olive in my martini (in this case, my pizza)

The end.

Et voila my friends, the greatest worst poem there ever was! The recipe is a lot better.

My little fast & easy World Cup Pizza. Get out that flour tortilla, bake until golden brown and crispy, slather that hummus, and top off with all those veggies, uh-hem, that you should be eating. No need to cook. Slice, serve, and happy world cup.

As for me, I will pretend like I understand what's happening and jump up and scream way too loudly when someone scores.

England and Italy are about to battle it out, Enjoy!