In the kitchen: Indian semiya

Ok you know when you have someone over for dinner, and you know what you're making for the main plate but no idea what to serve up for dessert? Hmmm, Ok maybe it doesn't happen to you, but I end up making a awesome dinner and spending all my time on that, so by the end I'm tired and just want to make some simple dessert. Indian semiya is just what your looking for! Sweet and warm and perfect! Really? I promise!

For 2-3 people gather:
-1/2 cup of semiya (vermicelli, the short yellow ones)
-1 1/2 cup of milk (you might need to add more to get the consistency you want. some like it extra milky, some like mostly the vermicelli. so you can add more or less of what you like)
-few crushed cardamon pods
-few almonds and raisins
-3 tbsp sugar (or to taste)

What to do:
-in a pan, warm your milk on medium heat and add in the semiya, sugar, and cardamon (you can add more or less semiya depending on how you like. no rules here people). continue to stir the entire time so the milk doesn't boil over or stick to the bottom. the semiya should only take about 20 mins to cook all the way. garnish with some almonds and raisins! you're all done girl.