In the kitchen: I'm the healthy and delicious Shrimp and Peppers!

I have to admit that after the holidays, my pants are a bit tighter and it's hard to get back into the grove of eating right. I just don't like the idea of non-tasty diet foods. Whenever I have a event coming up like a wedding or anything that involves me being in a photo, I try to eat as healthy, balanced, and delicious, as I can. This way, I don't look like a little heffalump which is normally the case. This is one of my easiest and flavorful go to dishes. Here's what you do, take a handful of chopped, red, yellow, green bell peppers (packed with vitamin C. oh what!), lightly saute them with coconut oil (great for your skin girls), few cashew nuts (heart healthy), drizzle some lime over everything, throw in some shrimp and sautee these guys UP in a pan! This plate also gets BIG UPS for being a power house of packed vitamins for the skin. Let's break it down.

Red peppers = beta-carotene = a hecka' high dosage of vitamin A.. all for you!
Green = vitamin B6 = immune-supporting nutrient
Cashew nuts = full of copper = great for hair
Coconut oil = has tons of benefits for hair, skin, bones, and the immune system
Fresh lime juice = more vitamin C

A great quick plate to have in your day to stay balanced and energized.