Cute little Alsace, France

Hi citizens of Riquewihr! Umm, can I live here. 

What the hell! How have I been living in Paris for 2 years now and didn't know about this village that's a train ride away. Sometimes, all I want to do is get out of the city and last weekend guys, I did just that. Got out my camera, put on them comfy walking shoes, extra sunscreen on the face, and walked around Alsace like a proud American tourist. Holy heck this place is so damn charming. Little colored houses, candy shops, and the smell of warm pretzels transformed me into a little girl again. Because I have the vocabulary of a 5th grader, I doubt I will be able to justify the beauty of this village through words, but hopefully the photos radiate the extra cuteness of Riquewihr Village. If you're in France anytime soon, forget Paris (maybe not), but def make some time for Alsace guys. Dreamy wine routes and hearty food. Some fun facts below:

*half of French beer is produced in Alsace, mainly around Strasbourg, a popular one being Kronenbourg
*the cuisine, customs, language, dress and music, have been heavily influenced by Germany
*Alsace is known for its Munster Cheeses (from the village of Munster)

Next trip, you know where to go friends.