10 questions with Designer Gaelle Constantini

Paris! Are you ready to be Pimped out? Allow me to introduce to you the very talented lady and creator of Pimp My Shoes, Gaelle Constantini. When she's not busy representing her creations at the Cannes film festival, this creative young designer is on the hunt for recycled material to make some sick dresses, shirts, and accessories. Visiting her atelier was like sitting high above in a cozy little cloud where the focus is on the clothes and her passion for the environment. She's not in the business of setting new trends or being high fashion blah blah. Actually, there's a awareness to recycle in her business plan yet remain fierce in her designs, but above all, close to her morals. Below, my very lovely interview with designer Gaelle Constantini.

When did you start your business?
In 2009. I was working at a club with friends at the time and I would always make shirts and accessories for them. It was all freestyle and for fun in the beginning.

What makes you different from other designers?
All the material I use are recycled. I don't just want to be another fashion brand, but rather work with intention. I'm a little obsessed with the environment and nature. It's deeper for me and more than just fashion. Creating beautiful pieces for someone using recycled clothes respects what I believe in.

Biggest challenge in starting your own business?
Finding good people to work for you. People with the same passion. I'm constantly working, there aren't many holidays. I have orders I need to fulfill, deadlines to be met.The administration aspect. The stress of keeping a business going. Paperwork. When you do something, you have questions for the future and hopes that it's going to be OK. This is all part of having your own business.

How long does is take to create one piece?
Oh, that depends. Certain pieces are evident and others take more of my imagination. By the end, the whole concept can change. Each piece can be a learning experience.

Does fashion run in your family?
My father worked for Nina Ricci, my mom loved beautiful clothes and I grew up around nature near the South of France. I guess there is a piece of all that in my work.

Future of Gaelle Constantni?
To be able to live my life by doing this. To have a bigger atelier. I would love to be able to create jobs for others for people living in the streets. Sometimes, the first thing I see when I leave my home is a homeless person. That bothers me. I hope someway I con contribute to change that.

Who are your designs for?
I care about nature so people who are cautious of the planet will appreciate my clothes.

Best and worst part of living in Paris?
Well I'm from Aix en Provence from the South of France. My childhood was full of nature. Of course you lack that when you move to a big city. However there is a excitement about Paris. It's a magical city and to be among the citizens of the world, for an artist it's a great place.

When you need to escape, where is a favorite place to eat in Paris?
Le Petit Mathieu in the 10th and Tokyo Eat at Palais de Tokyo.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
In the Amazon Forest in a little wooden cabin.

If you guys want to check out more of Gaelle's work you can, visit @ http://www.ateliergaelleconstantini.com/

I loved doing this interview. Thanks G!