Cupcake Camp Paris

I've had dreams before where all I am doing is eating. Eating everything. Everything I love and it's all free. I've had this dream a few time now, where I walk into a room, there's a bunch of people, noise, blurriness, but the only thing that's clear and catches my attention is the large long table full of salty and sweet treats all for me! I quickly make my way to the table and start to nibble here and then there. Well, this cupcake camp that just happened in Paris was my dream come true. Really. I walked into the room and right away smelled strawberry cream and vanilla aromas in the air! Then my eyes locked in on the large long tables serving every imaginable flavor of cupcakes possible in each corner of the room! Can you imagine how happy my little heart was?! Left, right, back, in front, everywhere I looked, delicious creamy soft cupcakes to devour. Such a creative and cool event for Make a Wish France. Can't wait for this to happen again next year! Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.