In the kitchen: Puff Pastry Strawberry Ravioli at home

Illegal. These should be..illegal. But their not, so make them and eat them with your friends. First step is learning how to make puff pastry, oh... which you already know how to do.. I made these little guys in a super tiny conventional oven so I know you can do it also.

What you need:
Homemade strawberry jam (or store bought because who needs to get all fancy)
Puff pastry (use as needed for your personal quantity) 
Powdered sugar to lightly coat the ravioli after it's baked
2 hours to go to the gym, after you "accidentally" eat a dozen of these

What to do:

Preheat oven 220C/ 375F
Flour your surface and roll out puff pastry. It should be rolled out thiner than thicker. Use a ruler or a pizza cutter and cut about 1 inch rows 

To make sure the pastry isn't sticking, add some flour on the surface as needed

Cut out little rectangles and add a small scoop of strawberry jam to the left side. Don't add too much or it might ooze out when baking

Fold over and with the tips of your fingers, close tightly. Make sure they are well sealed so the jam doesn't spill out. Take a small butter knife and make small indentations to give it a ravioli feel and keep it well sealed

Bake for about 15 - 20 mins or until golden brown. Finish with a powdered sugar coating