In the kitchen - Mini bite size tarts with vanilla mascarpone

Heck yes!
Scrumptious, tangy, sweet, and crispy mini tarts.

What you need to make - La pate sablee (sweet crust pastry) - for 400g of crust you need:
-200g of all purpose flour plus 10g to use while rolling the dough
-100g of butter
-20g of water
-20g of sugar
-pinch of salt
-1 egg
(filling below)

1. Make sure your butter is at room temp. Cut into mini pieces and place in a big bowl.
2. In this bowl, add your sugar and sifted flour and with your hand, start to incorporate the butter with the flour. It's going to get grainy in your hands which is what you want.
3. Once all the butter is well incorporated, make a little well in the middle of the dough (picture below) and add your egg and water. Repeat the process of incorporating everything with your hand. When you feel everything is mixed, stop. Don't overwork the dough. You might need to add just a touch of flour if the dough is too sticky. Make a big ball and wrap with saran wrap and place in fridge for at least one hour before using. Pate sablee is a little high maintenance dough so you want to let it rest before using it.
Congrats! You just made La pate sablee!
4. Preheat your oven to 220C (350F).
Put a little flour on your hands, roll out the dough, cut into circles, and place into mini pie pans for 10-15mins (picture below). Make sure your crust is evenly rolled out and that it's not too thick. Again, it's important you don't overwork the dough. It's just a rule in baking and a good habit to get into. Overworking it can cause *shrinkage when cooking and other little problems. But it's ok, it will still come out delicious so don't worry there's no strict French chef watching you.

                                             * {Yikes! Shrinkage. It happens} 
When you put this in the oven, it's going to shrink which is normal and not normal at the same time. La pate sablee, she fancy. When this type of dough is cooked alone (without any fruits, creams) it naturally shrinks. Overworking the dough can cause it to shrink as well. But for this specific recipe, it doesn't really matter since it's bite size. I am going to do a future post on how to prevent your dough from shrinking in the oven. For these tarts, don't worry about it