In the kitchen - How to make Ghee

Ghee is popular in a lot of Indian dishes. It adds a rich flavor to curries, meats, and nann which butter or oils cannot do. Ghee is basically butter which has gone through the process of having it's milk removed. This makes it higher in burning point which means it's great for frying. Because the milk solids have been removed, this means it will have a much longer shelf life. I leave my homemade ghee out on the counter top. When you make ghee, you will naturally also create mawa (milk solids) which can be used to make some really delicious Indian sweets like burfi.

What you need:
-small saucepan
-any glass container
-500g unsalted butter (preferably from grass fed cows)
-a light cloth which works just as good as a cheesecloth (in the photo I have a napkin but it didn't work so I used a hand cloth that I had in the kitchen.

Melt your butter on low heat so that that the butter doesn't burn or boil

Once it's meted, separate the milk solid (white foam) that has risen to the the top, with a spoon. Don't throw this away. Freeze it for later.

Place your cloth on top of the glass jar and accordingly place your sifter

Pour your ghee slowly into the glass jar and allow it to separate from the milk solid. Whatever remains, pour it into a separate jar.

You just made ghee!