Nice to meet you. I’m Preeti

After working for 4 years at the world-renowned Culinary and Hospitality Management Institute

Le Cordon Bleu in Paris (specifically for the Restaurant Management program), I realized even more that I am obsessed with travel & food.

It all started in 2013 when I started my blog in Paris highlighting all my restaurant visits and personal travels Through my blog, I got the wonderful opportunity to work at Le Cordon Bleu Paris which provide me a solid foundation of French cuisine and international living.

During this time, I created Little Life Table, a food media site showcasing all the exciting food and travel adventures that were popping up around my city. But more importantly, sharing the personal story of food, family, and travel.

I started to work with restaurants and to learn about how they built their establishment piece by piece and helping them create a voice in the culinary world.

I post regularly on my InstagramFacebook, YouTube and on and love creating photos and videos to take you beyond the food.


I’m a Lonely Planet contributor!

I was born & raised in New Delhi, India.

When I was 10 years old, I moved to California.

In college, I impulsively decided to study abroad in Sweden in a very small town and this experience changed my life forever.

I had a very tiny dinner table in my Paris apartment. As the years went by I realized that a very tiny little table served me so well. I was able to host so many incredible dinners on that table and understood the value of smaller things in my life.

Hence, Little Life Table.