Life, travel, and things.

I believe in sharing. Sharing our experiences, ideas and views. So thank you, for coming here to my little creative corner of the world. This is a visual journal, an exchange of conversations with the ones around me, where I can unravel my travels, inspirations, and interviews of others with you.. Each week you will find food recipes, travel tips, or just day to day life moments from Paris. Ride along.

Mini Q & A

Born in: New Delhi
Grew up in: Northern California
Why did I move to Paris?: It was all a very unexpected journey a few years ago. Nothing I had planned. After studying abroad in Sweden, I got a job as a makeup artist in Paris (my first profession) and so I decided to stay. Since then I have always had a urge to share my journey and viola, the blog and my YouTube Channel!
Favorite pass time: Eating and watch a movie with my friends.
Last movie that inspired me: Captain Fantastic with Viggo Mortensen

Currently: I work full time at the cooking school, Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. After work and on the weekends I take photos of things that inspire me, make videos and share it all on here and my Instagram.

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