Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur RoadTrip

Driving down the West Side coastline is one of he most beautiful drives you can take if you're out here. I super super highly recommend it. Start off as far UP as you can in Northern California and make your way down to Monterey (skip the aquarium, it ain't no big deal). In Monterey, definitely go to the downtown, then take the 17 miles drive down to Carmel. Make sure to stop in Carmel by the Sea for all the little cafes and beach vibes. Just around the corner you will find Mission Carmel which is also worth the small entrance fee. After drive down on Highway 1 until you get to Big Sur and have a little drink or candlelit dinner at the scenic and stunning Nepenthe Bar Restaurant! All the photos of our road trip are below. Safe driving and take a camera!

Qbic Hotel London!! Best Locations!

One of the best locations in all of London is definitely at Qbic Hotel London. This hotel is close some a the very popular Brick Lane which has some of he best Indian food you will find in all of London. Shoreditch is just a 15 min walk away! Enough about the location, this hotel is just so perfect for someone traveling alone or with a small group of friends. Very clean and creative little rooms which my favorite part. Delicious warm morning breakfast options and really helpful staff! As soon as I walked in they asked how they could help me plan my day in London!

I am honestly telling you this hotel is so fantastic, convenient, close to everything you need and the rooms will brighten up your trip with all the creative decor. GO!!!

Inside George V, Paris

Working at a cooking school has its perks and one of them was trying new restaurants in Paris like George V. This fancy "little" restaurant is inside the very elegant Four Seasons. As soon as you enter, you have French elegance surrounding you. From staff greeting you with "Bonjour Madam" to lovely people drinking tea and nibbling on mini sandwiches on the white terrace in the evening. This hotel is so charming but the best part was eating at George V. I'm into spending a lot of money on food. But this place was more than food. The plates were really well presented and you could instantly notice that the Chef took time in constructing the colorful plates, the feeling on the food, and the taste and smell of the overall experience. I don't go to many high end restaurants in Paris, but if there is one I recommend, it's George V. Bon Appetit

Walking through Venice

One of the best things about living in Paris is how close I am to Italy. The first time I went to Italy was for the food. But there is something so warm about the language, the colors, and just all the too many Audrey Hepburn movies I have seen. So! On a very random day, a friend and I booked tickets to Venice and it has to be one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. You know how sometimes when you travel, you know you will never come back to that place? Venice is NOT one of those places. I want to go again 10 times even more and walk around the tiny tiny streets with a slice of cheese pizza in my hand and a camera in the other. So enjoy a little fun photo reminder of breathtaking Venice.