Game of Thrones or Provins, France?

Provins (also a UNESCO world heritage site) is a gorgeous medieval city in North Central France, just a few hours outside of Paris. Actually, I had never even heard of it before and the first time a friend asked me to go I thought he meant Provence. Woops! This little tiny city is filled with small crepe and cider houses, old libraries, open brick buildings, and tall dungeon like castles in the sky. You can easily spend a nice sunny day here, walking around the grounds, reading a good book in the central square or take a horse ride around the city. One of the reasons I love living in Paris is because just a few hours away, we have such hidden and magical treasures.

A fun fact I learned about Provins: Rose cultivation is a symbol of this city. It produces many different kinds of foods from roses, some of the specialties being rose petal jam, honey and rose candy. Yummy!

Best place to stay in Provins: Le Cesar Hotel
Best way to get from Paris to Provins: Direct train or car

Must try: Crepes at any one of the local restaurants

ร  bientรดt!

Instagram Lately around the 7th arrondissement

It's been a cold week here in Paris which has landed me sick in bed. I haven't left my bed since Monday and am already starting to feel all sorts of crazy. Help me?! But I still managed to share some Paris snaps up on my blog for you guys! Last weekend started off with coffee and cake with my girls at Mamie Gateaux. This is a super cute and charming cafe and a purrfect place to snuggle when the rain is pouring. It feels like a bunch of grandmothers have been in the kitchen cooking all morning. Pies, cakes, teas, and jams! After tea at MG, I took a walk around the beautiful 7th arrondissement which I love love love. So much to see in this neighborhood like La Grande Epicerie. I walked around for almost an hour glancing at the perfect food isles and the mini international food court where all the chefs are cooking. The 7eme is a real must if you're in Paris. It's a treat for your eyes and appetite. Come join my daily snaps on Instagram @ preetigills for more Paris finds. ร  bientรดt!

Inside a Supper Club with Pink Lady in Paris

Le Table Ronde Supper Club in Paris, where you walk into a cozy kitchen surround by a large round table and excitingly watch the Chef become a magician. Cooking events are the best events. Umm yummm, mainly because there is food involved YES but there is something so damn therapeutic about cooking, and chopping, and dressing, and creating dishes that are made to satisfy someone else. I wish I was a good Chef, but I'm just a eater. This was one of the funnest little events I've been to in Paris and it's all thanks to Pink Lady Apples who invited me along for the fun evening. Every meal was made with apples. Apple starters, nibbles, entree, main course and dessert. Impressive how creative the Chef can be with just one ingredient. We started with hot cider with cannelle and bourbon (delicious and strong, yass!), caramel apple with foie gras, saint jacques rotie, risotto brunoise de Pink Lady, and ended with a warm apple cake and sorbet. Thank god I work at a cooking school, or else I would have no idea what some of these culinary terms mean. For example, brunoise means very little cubes of vegetables (normally) or any type of food. Enjoy the delicious snaps my friends! 

Just a hop outside of Paris - Moret-Sur-Loing

 Who new that just 45 minutes outside of Paris is this charming little town, Moret-Sur-Loing. I spent New Year's weekend here nestled up with friends, cooking, learning, and doing nothing, but doing nothing together. The perfect spots along the water to sit and read a good book or take a walk with a friend. This weekend reminded me of one of my favorite quotes and exactly how I want to enter 2016 and this New Year for us all.

โ€œDrink wine. This is life eternal. This is all that youth will give you. It is the season for wine, roses and drunken friends. Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.โ€

The Islands of Thailand

First off, I knew I wanted to go to places that had nice beaches, good food, and with the least amount of people. I was looking for intimate islands in Thailand. I made some mistakes but also some good choices. Hope my little photo guide helps you in your trip:

Island 1. Kata, Phuket. Loved this places because it is a lot less touristy than Patong (which is only 15 mins away by car). Kata is a small beach town, with great food joints, cafes, good hotels, and a nice central beach. What I loved about Kata was you can walk everywhere and don't need a taxi or tuk-tuk. One of our favorite spots here was O-Oh Coffee house (great matcha lattes). Def would recommend going. Hotel, The Chaba House

Island 2. Ko Phi Phi. One of the best islands for the beach in my opinion. However, here are the pros and cons. The pros being that island is divided into 2 parts. The party side, and the calmer side. The beaches of Ko Phi Phi are blue blue blue. Maya Beach (The Beach) is really close to visit and though it's super touristy, def worth a visit for the beauty alone. Ko Phi Phi is great for visiting other bordering islands and to enjoy the beach and nightlife. The cons, it's touristy, and if you are staying on the party side of the island, you won't sleep until 2am when the music stops so make sure to check with your hotel for the noise level.  Also, the center of the island is filled with shops so make sure you walk around to the authentic parts.  Make sure to do the viewpoint hike to the top to watch the sunset. I would 100 percent recommend going to Ko Phi Phi only if you choose your hotel wisely. Hotel, Sunwaree Phi Phi Resort. Highly rec this place for the views, the private taxi boat, the staff, the rooms, but it's on the party side so you have tons on noise until 2am.

Island 3. Best and Favorite island so far. Railay Beach . This has to be hands down one of the most beautiful, intimate, clean, and delicious islands I've been on. No other island has come close to the charm of this place. I would recommend 3 nights here. So much to do; rock climbing, snorkeling, island hoping, cool nightlife, great food (def try the Thai burritos at One Stop Take Away Shop) and Tew Lay Bar. Hotel, Railay Phutawan Resort, highly highly recommend!!