Just a hop outside of Paris - Moret-Sur-Loing

 Who new that just 45 minutes outside of Paris is this charming little town, Moret-Sur-Loing. I spent New Year's weekend here nestled up with friends, cooking, learning, and doing nothing, but doing nothing together. The perfect spots along the water to sit and read a good book or take a walk with a friend. This weekend reminded me of one of my favorite quotes and exactly how I want to enter 2016 and this New Year for us all.

“Drink wine. This is life eternal. This is all that youth will give you. It is the season for wine, roses and drunken friends. Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

The Islands of Thailand

First off, I knew I wanted to go to places that had nice beaches, good food, and with the least amount of people. I was looking for intimate islands in Thailand. I made some mistakes but also some good choices. Hope my little photo guide helps you in your trip:

Island 1. Kata, Phuket. Loved this places because it is a lot less touristy than Patong (which is only 15 mins away by car). Kata is a small beach town, with great food joints, cafes, good hotels, and a nice central beach. What I loved about Kata was you can walk everywhere and don't need a taxi or tuk-tuk. One of our favorite spots here was O-Oh Coffee house (great matcha lattes). Def would recommend going. Hotel, The Chaba House

Island 2. Ko Phi Phi. One of the best islands for the beach in my opinion. However, here are the pros and cons. The pros being that island is divided into 2 parts. The party side, and the calmer side. The beaches of Ko Phi Phi are blue blue blue. Maya Beach (The Beach) is really close to visit and though it's super touristy, def worth a visit for the beauty alone. Ko Phi Phi is great for visiting other bordering islands and to enjoy the beach and nightlife. The cons, it's touristy, and if you are staying on the party side of the island, you won't sleep until 2am when the music stops so make sure to check with your hotel for the noise level.  Also, the center of the island is filled with shops so make sure you walk around to the authentic parts.  Make sure to do the viewpoint hike to the top to watch the sunset. I would 100 percent recommend going to Ko Phi Phi only if you choose your hotel wisely. Hotel, Sunwaree Phi Phi Resort. Highly rec this place for the views, the private taxi boat, the staff, the rooms, but it's on the party side so you have tons on noise until 2am.

Island 3. Best and Favorite island so far. Railay Beach . This has to be hands down one of the most beautiful, intimate, clean, and delicious islands I've been on. No other island has come close to the charm of this place. I would recommend 3 nights here. So much to do; rock climbing, snorkeling, island hoping, cool nightlife, great food (def try the Thai burritos at One Stop Take Away Shop) and Tew Lay Bar. Hotel, Railay Phutawan Resort, highly highly recommend!!

6 Things I loved in Bangkok

1. Wat Phra Kaew. A great observation into Thai society. Some parts of the temples are closed off only for prayer which is nice because observing from a distance is sometimes best and humbling.

2. China town food market (not to far from number 1, Wat Phra Kaew). A long rough street full of colorful foods, spices, and small hidden corner tables to sit down and eat. Basically anything you want that is Thai is available here but in street style. Authentic and to the point kind of food. I accidentally ended up here but so glad I did. Also at the very beginning of the market there is the Wat Traimi temple which is home to the the golden Buddha statue.

3. Damnoen Saduak Market. The women of the floating market. Again, this is a really touristy kind of activity but if you go during the week or in the morning, you can def get a more authentic vibe of this place. We went to the Khlong Lat Mayom and Taling Chan market but those were closed because it was a weekday so we ended up re-routing to the Damnoen Saduak Market.

4. Revolucion Cocktail. A friend recommend this place to me so we checked it out and loved it. Really great vibe, friendly staff who gave us good food tips, excellent cocktails and music. In a great part of BK as well. A good place to go chill and have some drinks in the city life.

5. Sirocco at the Sky Bar and the Vertigo Bar (no photos sorry). Sirocco is the spot. One of the best meals (not Thai) and excellent service. Views, Views, all about those Views. Worth a visit for a drink or dinner.

6. Green tea lattes at Casa Lapin. Best I've had in BK!


The day I took you to Oktoberfest

OK, so a few week ago I arrived in Germany for a little family vacation. As soon as I got off the train station, all I saw were pretty girls dressed in dirndls which is a typical German dress from Southern Germany. Umm ok, first thought...what is going on? Oktoberfest is going on! I had always heard about this big party where everyone is dressed up in fluffy pastel dresses, drinking large mugs of overflowing beer in a loud music tent. Ok so, Oktoberfest is a BIG experience. Maybe too big for me. As soon as you walk into those large tents, it's live music, strangers dancing side by side on top of tables, oversized beer mugs, drunk lovers, girls twirling their skirts and food being passed around from table to table.  Let me be 100% honest, I'm happy I got a chance to experience this German tradition, really. But did I have more fun at the carnival that was happening outside? There was food and roller-coasters outside. Hell yes! Oh my gawd. I'm wired. Maybe it's because I've become a complete home body and all I needed was to say I went to Oktoberfest. So, I went. And it was the biggest party I've been to, but I was so happy to be home by midnight in my bed. I would def recommend experiencing this once in your life though because those Germans know how to turrrn up! Happy October and Welcome to the Party! 


In the apple fields. The simple life with my aunt and uncle. Warmbronn, Germany.

Growing up in New Delhi, then moving to Northern California, and now living in Paris has most definitely prepared me for one thing - the city life. And I do love the fast city life. I do. But yo, Germany, you're like a disney movie. I feel like I've been zapped into a "perfect" little world. A world I'm flirting with because it could easily be a future I desire. In the village, it's like a fairy-tail from where people bake goods for their neighbors, go picking apples in the fruit fields, and simply live as close as they can to nature. Nothing is as perfect as it seems, we know, but this get's so close. I don't know this life. I'm not use to that. I'm use to people on the Paris metro getting mad at me because I was staring at them or accidentally bummed into them. Those metro interactions have never bothered me, but now that I've been in this village for a few days, I can't help but think what a good life it is. A simple life. Even if it is only from the outside, I'm totally OK pretending that I've got another week living and frolicking in a disney movie, All the photos in this post are from a village called Warmbrunn except Rapunzels castles (Stuttgart). A walk in the forest and red apples everywhere. Enjoy this!